Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication 1 Workbook 长城汉语练习册 (一)
October 15, 2017
HSK标准教程1练习册(含1MP3) HSK Standard Course Workbook 1 + MP3
October 15, 2017
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HSK词汇突破1- 3级 Vocabulary of New HSK Vol. 1-3 [Chinese-English] [2nd edition]

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FLTRP New HSK Class Series is a comprehensive set of exam training materials targeting the students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. This series is closely linked to the new HSK curriculum and covers all the focal points of the new HSK exam. This series helps students to easily achieve high grades through intensive training.

This practical booklet contains the vocabulary of the New HSK exam levels 1-3. Separately listed for each of the levels and in alphabetical order according to Hanyu Pinyin. Each term is listed in simplified characters, Pinyin and English translation, and – where possible – compositions and examples. 2nd Edition – updated for the revised 2015 test syllabus.

外研社新HSK课堂系列 – 新HSK词汇突破(1-3级) (第2版) (根据2015年最新考试大纲编写)
– 收录新HSK大纲1-3级的全部词汇共计600个,可满足备考、自学需要;
– 每级词汇按音序排列,加注拼音、词性、英文,方便查阅;
– 搭配和例句源于新HSK考点,便于考生提前熟悉;
– 附加生活中常用词汇,方便考生增大词汇量,提高汉语水平。

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