HSK标准教程1练习册(含1MP3) HSK Standard Course Workbook 1 + MP3
October 15, 2017
新韓檢初級 TOPIK 1試題完全攻略(附贈「擬真試卷」+單字小冊+聽力試題MP3)
July 17, 2018
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My Daily Routine in Korean 매일 하는 동작을 한국어로

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Between the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night, you do hundreds of small activites that you do on a daily basis. How do you say “dispense shampoo” or “toss and turn”? Do you know how to say “open the book” or “set the alarm” in Korean?

My Daily Routine In Korean is a picture dictionary designed to help you learn everyday Korean words and expressions through convenient visual aids. The book is divided into 32 different categories which are related to common everyday activities, and each of the categories introduces up to 17 phrases through fun illustrations. The translation of each phrase is on the reverse page of the illustration, and you can also find an index of all 408 expressions at the end of this book.

With this book, you do not have to memorize every word in order from cover to cover, but if you learn better that way, that’s fine, too! The easiest and one of the more productive ways to study with this book is by choosing a topic which interests you and choose one or two words/expressions from that topic to use in your everyday actions and conversations. Read the words or expressions aloud and listen to the MP3 audio pronunciation of the words/expressions if you’d like to hear them spoken by a native speaker, write them down in a notebook, and put them to use! The more you read, write, say, or hear words and expressions in practice, the easier you can recall the word or expression when you need to use it.

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